Turn: 0,Score: 0, Needed 301

Turn: 0,Score: 0, Needed 301

A free online darts calculator & scoreboard optimized for your mobile device (phone or tablet).

The world's easiest online darts scoreboard and calculator for your mobile device, phone or tablet. Play with your friends and leave the math to us. Totally free!

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An online darts scorer to keep track of the darts you threw on a real dartboard. Calculating scores and keeping track of of the game is all taken care of by this webapp. You and your friends can focus on throwing darts, drinking and having fun. Throw a party, or invite the bar. This free web app supports as many players as you want.

You decide how many legs are needed to win the match, you set the starting score and you pick if it’s Straight Out, Double Out or Master Out. No more manual calculations, no more disagreements about who scored what. The darts scorer is fast and makes no mistakes.

Keeping score of a simple dart match was never been easier. You don’t need special software, and old electronic scoreboard, a calculator or a chalk or whiteboard. Free Darts Scoreboard is and will be completly free. So let’s throw those darts, game on...

iPhone, iPad & Android mobile phone and tablet Darts Scorer

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